Wholesale H Type Aluminum/Tap/Compression Connectors

Product descritionNameModelBrandmmSpecificationH clamp25-50/2.5-6Fesda38.6*24*17.7H clamp25-50/16-35Fesda44.7*27*18.2H clamp50-95/50-95Fesda55.9*40*21.1H clamp70-95/16-35Fesda48.7*30*19.4H clamp35-50/6-10Fesda33.7*27*16.5H clamp70-95/6-10Fesda33.1*27*16.8Company informationMain products:Aluminum PG clamp connector,compression co

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Product descrition
Wholesale H Type Aluminum/Tap Connectors/Compression Connectors
H clamp25-50/2.5-6Fesda38.6*24*17.7
H clamp25-50/16-35Fesda44.7*27*18.2
H clamp50-95/50-95Fesda55.9*40*21.1
H clamp70-95/16-35Fesda48.7*30*19.4
H clamp35-50/6-10Fesda33.7*27*16.5
H clamp70-95/6-10Fesda33.1*27*16.8
Company informationWholesale H Type Aluminum/Tap Connectors/Compression Connectors
Wholesale H Type Aluminum/Tap Connectors/Compression Connectors
Main products:
Aluminum PG clamp connector,compression connectors "H" type,compress  type terminal lug,splicing sleeve tension sleeve ,aluminum boxes, Amour tape
our advantage:
1.We are reliable: we are a manufacturer and trading company, we have experienced workers and advanced facilities.
2. High-quality products: we strictly control the production of each product to provide qualified and high-quality products for our customers.
3. Convenient logistics: customize the best logistics plan, so that customers can enjoy the lowest logistics price and first-class freight professional services.
Certificate:Wholesale H Type Aluminum/Tap Connectors/Compression Connectors
Transport:Wholesale H Type Aluminum/Tap Connectors/Compression Connectors
Q1: About Sample: How can i get sample?
A1: We have to receive your payment for sample and the express delivery charge,then send the sample to you.The price of sample are 15% extra on the price list.Express delivery charge depends on the quantity of the sample.

Q2: About Price: Can i get your price list?
A2: Yes, pls tell me the product(with the model number) you are interested in,and the quantity of each model, then we'll offer the price by email.

Q3: About shipment: What kind of shipment will you use?
A3: We usually ship the goods by express, air and sea via our shipping agent,we can ship our products to any place of the world.

Q4: About OEM: Could you place order by OEM style to produce our own brand products in your factory?
A4: Of course we can,welcome to do OEM,what you need to do is email us the brand name or logo.

Q5: About Placing Order: How to place an order?
A5: Email order details to us including model number, quantity, destination port(we need to calculate the shipping cost), selling countries, consignee's contact information including detailed address and phone fax number and email address, notify party,etc. agent,we can ship our products to any place of the world.

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