6600V high voltage slip ring asynchronous three-phase 2600kw AC motor

1. Standard Features NEMA Premium Efficiency Level according to NEMA YThree-phase, 50, 60 HzVoltage: 3000 to 11000 VRated output: up to 12500 kwNumber of poles: 2 ,4,6,8,10 or 12polesFrame sizes: 450 mm to 630mmCast aluminium squirrel cage for rotorDegree of protection: IP23 to IP54(Totally enclosed)Class insulation F

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6600V High Voltage Slip Ring Asynchronous Three Phase 2600kw AC Motor

1. Standard Features
NEMA Premium Efficiency Level according to NEMA Y
Three-phase, 50, 60 Hz
Voltage: 3000 to 11000 V
Rated output: up to 12500 kw
Number of poles: 2 ,4,6,8,10 or 12poles
Frame sizes: 450 mm to 630mm
Cast aluminium squirrel cage for rotor
Degree of protection: IP23 to IP54(Totally enclosed)
Class insulation F with class (120ºC) temperature rise
Grease nipples for frame 450 to 630MM
Continuous Duty (S1)
With thermal protection PTC140 ºC or PT100
Other optional features under request
Descriptions of ac motor
Comparison of different series high torque motor
No.Squirrel cage ac motorYYKKYKS
Slip ring ac motorYRYRKKYRKS
1StructureBox-type construction, made up of steel plates welded with each other
2Cooling methodIC01 or (IC11, IC21, IC31)IC611 or IC616IC81W
3Natural ventilation, with top mounted protection coverWith top mounted air-air coolerWith top mounted air-water cooler
4Protection typeIP23IP44 or IP54(totally enclosed)IP44 or IP54 (totally enclosed)
6Mounting arrangementIMB3
7Voltage available6kv, 10kv or other
8Frequency available50Hz , 60Hz

2. Our Strength:
Furthermore, in order to distinguish us from competitors, to grow even further and gain more market share, we decided to invest most of its profits in specializing and acquired the quality certificate of ISO9001 , passed CE.At the same time we has dozens of Utility Model Patents. We also made a cooperation with Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co.,Ltd, as special motor production base for SEARI in 2005 . Now participates in many international tenders and exports to many countries around the world through everyone's efforts in Hengli 
6600V High Voltage Slip Ring Asynchronous Three Phase 2600kw AC Motor

3. Production of system: 
We strictly check on every step of the production chain to ensure links is good in quality, to satisfy customers' demand and ensure delivery at the same time. advanced equipment and complete internal supply chain, from punching, laminating, welding, machining, winding, embedded line, dipping, assembled to test, all the procedures are done in-house to ensure quality.
3.Warranty Period: 
   The motor could work well within one year's using period or no less than thirteen months from departure date of our company(subject to the first) if the user use and store the motor properly according to the instruction .
   If the motor is damaged or can not work normally within the stipulated time due to the poor quality , our company will repair and replace the spare parts or motors free of charge ,while all entry and exit costs borne by the buyer.
Service after the  Warranty Period :
  Our company implements the lifelong paid service if malfunction occurs after the warranty period, we will supply the required easy-weared parts and spare parts at cost price. After sales- service personnel will call back the user irregularly.
6600V High Voltage Slip Ring Asynchronous Three Phase 2600kw AC Motor

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