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2023-04-05 17:41:18 By : Ms. Sara Ye

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Facilities Management News:STANLEY Access Technologies

STANLEY Access Technologies announced the debut of the M-Force Automatic Swing Door Opener The new M-Force Automatic Swing Door Opener is the next generation of the Magic-Force door, a leading automatic door opener and STANLEY Access Technologies’ original all-in-one operator.  (Watch the M-Force video at this link.)    With product enhancements driven by customer input, as well as STANLEY Access Technologies’ renowned culture of innovation, the new M-Force Automatic Swing Door Opener is a smarter door-opening system, built to improve every customer’s door-opening experience and adapt to any environment.    The programmable STANLEY iQ Controller brings intelligence to the M-Force Automatic Swing Door Opener, so it can respond to a range of door opening methods, including a knowing act or automatic sensing.  All M-Force Automatic Swing Door Openers can be tuned to compensate for wind or stack pressure by AAADM certified technicians.  Plus, the STANLEY iQ Controller allows M-Force doors to be easily integrated into third-party hardware and systems such as access control and fire alarms. 

Facilities Management News:STANLEY Access Technologies

Power Door Opener Featuring a quiet, 50-decibel motor, which runs as softly as a household refrigerator, M-Force is recommended for areas of medium-to-high foot traffic. M-Force can be specified in “full-energy” motion-activated mode or in “low-energy” mode.  In low-energy mode, users can open doors with the push of a button or a wave of their hand.  M-Force can be surface mounted, semi-concealed, concealed, bottom load or in-ground.  M-Force can now accommodate door panel weights up to 700 pounds (350 pounds more than the previous generation Magic-Force product), ideal for applications such as tall retail or high-rise doors, or lead-lined X-Ray doors.